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Monroeville Campus Study Room

ASCC Monroeville Library Study Room Guidelines and Rules

 ASCC Library has one study room and several study carrels available free of charge for private or group study. The study room also has a monitor for laptop connection and dry erase board.


• Patrons must sign in at the Circulation Desk to use a study room.

• Study Room capacity-the study room can accommodate a maximum of 7 persons.

• ASCC study room is equipped with a table and four chairs. There are also three study carrels available. Patrons must return the chairs to their proper place when they leave the study room.

• Study room is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations and walk-ins are allowed for the study room.

• Study room may be used for up to two hours. Users may stay longer if there is no one waiting for the room.

• Reservations will be held for 15 minutes after start time.

• Reservations can be made up to 8 weeks in advance. Call 251-575-8207 or e-mail or, or come by the circulation desk.


• For safety reasons, children are not allowed in the study room. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior at all times. (See the Minors on Campus policy which is available at the Circulation Desk.)

• Library staff cannot monitor personal items for study room users and the Library is not responsible for personal items left in the room. Items left in an unoccupied room longer than 15 minutes will be considered abandoned and staff may remove any of these items from the room.

• Food and drink are not permitted in the study room.

• Games and programs which make loud or constant noise that may disturb other lab users are prohibited from the study room.

• Cell phones should be turned off or turned to vibrate or silent setting while using the lab. Calls should not be initiated or answered in a lab. Please step into the hallway or outside when using a cell phone.

• Do not install software, modify system configurations, install or modify hardware.

• If something needs attention that requires administrative access, please contact the circulation desk.

• Do not pirate software and other copyrighted materials.

• Software license agreements and copyright laws are strictly enforced in the college’s study room/computer labs. Copying licensed software from the lab workstation hard disks or file servers is a violation of federal copyright laws and of college’s policy. Violators of this policy will lose their rights to use all college’s computing resources.

• Save your work to your flashdrive or e-mail.

• The study room laptop hard drives are routinely wiped clean during regular maintenance.

• External USB and firewire devices are allowed, but not all are supported.

• All workstations have USB and firewire ports and devices may be connected by a user.

• Laptops may be used with the monitor. If they have not been checked out, a library laptop may be checked out to be used in the lab, but they may not be reserved.


• Leave the room in good condition for the next users. Clean up and discard trash before exiting.

• Do not move chairs in or out of the group study room.

• Keep voices low. The study room is not soundproof and discussions in normal voices may disturb others.

• Always ask for help when using library equipment, especially if you are unsure how to set it up for usage. Ex. Setting laptop up to television.

• The college’s study room is for use by currently enrolled ASCC students, faculty and staff members. This policy specifically excludes alumni, library "community borrowers," former students who are no longer enrolled in classes at ASCC, students from other colleges and universities and the general public.

Users who do not follow the above guidelines may be refused future study room use and asked to leave.