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Alabama Southern Community College :: Admissions
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Transcript Guide

ACCREDITATION- Alabama Southern was formed in August, 1991, when the Alabama State Department of Education officially merged Patrick Henry State Junior College and Hobson State Community College. Alabama Southern is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

CALENDAR- Alabama Southern operated on the quarter system through the end of the Summer quarter of 1998. All cumulative totals reflected in quarter hours through the summer 1997-1998 term. Beginning with the fall term of 1998-1999, Alabama Southern began operating on the semester system. All coursework from that point is listed in semester hours.

TRANSFER WORK- Transfer hours are counted for degree programs but are not computed in a student's quality point average (QPA). All transfer courses listed on the transcript do not necessarily apply to a degree program. Academic action is computed at Alabama Southern using work earned only at Alabama Southern.

COURSE NUMBERING SYSTEM- Courses numbered from 001-099 are developmental non-credit courses; 100-199 are freshman level courses; 200-299 are sophomore level courses.

DEGREES AND AWARDS GRANTED- Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Applied Science, Certificate

For more information concerning transcripts, please contact the Alabama Southern Records Office at 251-575-8222 or 334-637-3143 or PO Box 2000, Monroeville, AL 36461