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Upward Bound

The Upward Bound Program is designed to provide academic support, counseling, tutoring, career mentoring and cultural exposure necessary for potential first generation college students and/or economically disadvantaged youth to complete both secondary and postsecondary education. Upward Bound is funded 100% by the U.S. Department of Education.

Who Is Eligible For Upward Bound Services?

Upward Bound is designed to meet the needs of students who fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Potential First Generation College Students-neither parent or guardian has earned a bachelor's degree
  • Income level meets Federal requirements
  • Possesses academic potential

Program Goals

  • Selection of eligible participants
  • Comprehensive assessment of needs
  • Parental involvement
  • Personal development
  • Cultural Development
  • Grade completion and advancement
  • Financial aid and college application assistance
  • Postsecondary enrollment and completion

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to participate in the Upward Bound Program?


How does a student become a participant in Upward Bound?

Students interested in joining Upward Bound should obtain an application from their high school counselor or from an Upward Bound staff member. Students are selected based upon academic need and eligibility requirement.

What services are offered to Upward Bound participants?

Academic instruction, tutoring, academic and personal counseling, workshops on various topics, including scholarships and financial aid, and cultural enrichment activities.

What is required of Upward Bound Participants?

  • Regular attendance
  • Work hard and have positive attitude
  • High School Graduation
  • Plans to attend and graduate from college

Is Upward Bound Successful?

YES! Eighty-five percent of Upward Bound graduates have entered post-secondary education. TRIO program research shows that Upward Bound students are four times more likely to earn a college degree than students from similar backgrounds who do not participate in the program.

How To Apply for Upward Bound

  • Complete an application packet. The packets can be obtained through your High School Counselor or the Upward Bound Director.
  • Return forms by specified deadline.
  • Upon notification of meeting program qualifications, schedule an intake interview with parent/guardian and the Upward Bound Staff.

Upward Bound Program Contacts:

  • Lakeshia Boykin, (251) 575-8388
  • Sheila Skelton, (251) 843-5265
  • Augusta Watters, (334) 637-3155

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